Steve Lawson builds his F2 bike

Steve Lawson, the Glasgow Tigers legend, has got behind Pete seaton’s F2 Speedway project.

He has built his own bike and is pleased with the result.

He said, ” There was an engine in the back of the shop that was just gathering dust, a kawasaki,and I saw Pete Seaton and he had the F2 idea kicking about, he’d built a few bikes and I’d seen them.

“So I thought right I will put that engine to good use.

“This winter I’ve been in the workshop at nights and put this engine together and put it in a speedway bike, so I’ve just build an F2 speedway bike.

“I still like to put my leg over a bike now and adain, not race or anything, but just have a go ona bike, so I rode it myself, just after Christmas and itt handles a treat.

“What I am thinking now is, my wife is the secretary of a motocross club, we’re involved, so maybe I could get a few of the promising motocross riders and let them have a go.

Steve also said “It won’t be so alien to them. The power delivery of the F2 bike will be similar to what they’ve been riding with a motocross bike.

“The chassis is different, obviously, but it doesn’t feel like a speedway engine.

“For the beginner, the lay-down engine isn’t the best because you go into the corner, put the throttle on and there is nothing there – it’s just dead.

“To get the bike to slide, you need some revs on. The motocross engine is instant power. YOu can roll up to the corner, put the throttle on and its spinning.

“I couldn’t believe it, it handled beautifully and I thought this would be good for training.

“I thought I could introduce a few of the motocross lads to it, Just give them a bit of coaching early on.

“A lot of people have asked me how they can get started in speedway. I’d like to say, come down to my place Saturday afternoon and we’ll see how you shape up.

“So there is potential there to blood some new speedway riders.

“I’ve had my own career and my two lads, Richard and Simon, have gone into motocross and we learned things together. I wasn’t riding but I was stood at a distance and I could study it.

“Being an ex-rider, applying the same things to speedway, I can see things now that I couldn’t see myself.

“I can see some of them have got blatant faults with their riding technique, not that I am going to go up to them and say you should be doing this or that.

” But I can see it now that I’ve matured a bit and been on both sides of the fence.

“I’d rather kids were brought into speedway to get the technioque right first, then the speed will come.

“If they get out of the bad habits early on, it will help them in the long run.

“I’ve seen people go fast before they can ride and I think the modern bikes tend to make you do that.