Hugh Skidmore builds an F2 machine

hugh_skidmoreRedcar Bears star Hugh Skidmore has built his own F2 machine in Australia. Aiming for easy practice and to keep fit, he felt the F2 machine was a great way to go.

He said:”The F2 speedway bike a great way to have a bit of cheap fun and is easy to maintain”

„To become a better speedway rider you need to practice and it is a bit hard and expensive to ride a real speedway bike all the time with a GM speedway engine in it.

„You need to get it serviced every forty heats or races which is roughly forty minutes. It would cost around £400 on average for a service.

„It also takes six hours to wash a speedway bike the good thing about a F2 bike is it takes 20 minutes to wash !

„You can ride it for 20 hours before you need to even look at the engine which is cheap anyway.

„I just got a CRF450 motocross engine in mine. I did find it rode a bit different to a ‚normal’ speedway bike but after a few rides I got the hang of it.