Peter Collins backs F2 Speedway

Peter Collins1976 Speedway World Champion Peter Collins has given his support for Formula 2 Speedway.

He thinks the new 450 Formula is great away to attract and keep people in the sport.

He said: “As long as the tracks are graded properly like they were a few years ago, I think the bikes will provide consistent and even racing and allows the rider much more control. Ideal for learning on.”

“Current bikes are too fast to produce good racing and the tracks produced makes it all about about who can trap first.”

“The financial side of the sport is out of hand and Formula 2 instantly regulates the riders’ expenditure. This is also a real bonus to those new to the sport and allows them to spend longer learning the art of going sideways, without the massive bills rolling in every few outings.

“I will be watching developments very closely and hope it continues to develop.”