Mark Loram backs F2 Speedway

Mark Loram2000 Speedway World Champion has given his backing to Formula 2 Speedway.

“I think Formula 2 Speedway is an excellent way for youngsters to get into the sport. The ongoing costs are considerably lower then a traditional machine.

“Spiralling costs are making the sport inaccessible to potential riders who do not have very deep pockets.

“Using off the shelf parts when needed, without the need for expensive frequent engine servicing and the lack of methanol fuel make Formula 2 an attractive proposition.

“Formula 2 machines gives the rider more contol of the bike and that can only be a good thing when you are learning the very difficult skill of sliding sideways.

“The nature of the tracks means there’s more dirt and grip in some places, so you use the throttle to adjust to the surface. You give it more throttle on grippier parts of the track, so you head for the rut, back the throttle off and give it a handful as soon as you hit the grip.

“The more gas you give it the more the rear spins, but actually going into the corner it’s not about engine power getting you sliding, it’s about momentum and the way the bikes are built with very little weight and the weight very low. They tend to slide out and the rest is throttle control.

“Whether you’re holding or increasing a slide, everything is done off the throttle. Throttle control must be second nature in speedway.

“British speedway needs a serious rethink about its future, and that future could be Formula 2 Speedway.”

Mark Loram (World Speedway Champion 2000)