What engines can be used in the speedway frame ?
Any 450 stock Motorcross engine with standard carb / fuel injection, & ignition systems
What frame would you recommend, upright or laydown ?
The frames that we have used so far are upright with modifications to the engine plates.
Where can I get the brackets/mounts to convert my frame to accept the new engine ?
JHR Frames in Swadlingcote has helped with frame modifications and engine plates.
What parts do I need with the engine ie radiator etc ?
You will need a radiator, cooling fan and a battery.
Can I buy a complete ready built bike ?
Nobody is yet building a complete bike but Pete can help and advise you on building one. If you have somone building your machine for you, Pete will be happy to discuss what is needed.
How can I contact Pete ?
You can call Pete on 07711529189 or email him at peter@speedwaypete.com
What sort of tyres can I use on the bike ?
Standard speedway tyres
If I can move the fuel tank, where would be the best place to mount it ?
The fuel tank can be mounted in the normal place but can be much smaller as the bikes use much less fuel
Will the brackets/mounts fit a 250 or even a 125 engine ?
Different engines have different mountings so you would have to make the engine fit the frame.
What can I do to modify the bikes for more power ?
F2 bikes must be using four valve engines and running on petrol. The bikes must have stock carburettors and ignition systems with no aftermarket engine internals.