F2 bikes at Northside Speedway, Workington

Pete took the F2 machines to Workington for the Rusty Harrison Testimonial.

Unfortunately the meeting had to be cancelled due to the weather. Luckily, very close to the track at Workington there is Northside Speedway Training Facility.

F2 were invited over and the local junior riders had a skid on the BMW in what could best be described as ‘wet’ conditions.

They found the bike very easy to ride despite the conditions but were left wanting more as the weather finally won out and the session was forced to close.

Pete would like to thank everyone at Northside for the very warm welcome he and the bikes received and looks forward to coming up again as soon as possible.

Pete said: “It’s a crying shame about Rusty’s meeting being off and as soon as there is a restaging date he can let me know.

“It looked a great line-up and I am sure the event will be a success when he can get on the track to stage it.

“Northside is a fantatstic facility and is worth the trip up. The track is a great shape and has a well prepared surface.

“It is an ideal spot for youngsters to learn the sport and the people there are very intersted in the F2 bikes.

“It was suggested to me about having an F2 day at Northside and that is something I would very much like to do, so watch out for more information on that.

Northside Speedway Training Facililty has a website at www.northsidespeedway.com