F2 bike tested in speedway meeting

It proved to be a very successful weekend for the F2 Speedway bikes.

Aidan and Les gave the bikes a good run out at Leicester on Saturday during the Midland Development League Riders’ Championship. A lot of interest was shown from riders and spectators alike.

On Sunday, Aidan Collins rode the Kawasaki F2 bike in the Air Fence Benefit Challenge at Buxton. He took part in the main meeting against modern speedway machines and was on the pace throughout.

Aidan said: “The bike rode really well. I didn’t have the same level of drive from the start or coming out of the bends as the other conventional bikes but that is not the intention of these machines.”

“They are proving that they can be on the pace with a 500cc speedway bike but offer more control in the bends, an ideal way to learn to ride and without the costs.”

F2 boss Pete Seaton said: “The Kawasaki machine Aidan rode today at Buxton and yesterday at Leicester has done over fifty races now, approximately ten conventional speedway meetings and I have not had to put a spanner on it yet.”

He added:”I was really pleased with the way the bike rode, and the very positive reception the bikes received from the crowd and the other riders.”

“The bikes will be in action again at Rye House very soon, keep an eye on the website (www.f2speedway.com) for further details.”